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First Time Waxing? I have you covered…

Scheduling a wax appointment for the first time

The phone call I get from first time clients goes a little like this:

“Um, I’ve never done this before and I’m nervous but my friend said to come see you”

I love these calls, they are my favorite for so many reasons. The person on the other end is willing to try something new, something possibly unpleasant, and has no idea how to prepare and on top of that has to trust a complete stranger to guide her.

Here’s my usual response:

“You are in good hands and thank you for trusting me with this. Also good for you to give this a go. Here’s how you can prepare-make sure hair is the length of a grain of rice at least, and no you don’t have to trim before you come in. Also take ibuprofen if it makes you feel better but typically my clients don’t experience any discomfort longer than the actual appointment. The night before the appointment is not the best time to try an entire bottle of wine as that can make your sensitivity increase, other than that I look forward to meeting you.”

If you are on the fence, let me know if you have any questions. Self care looks different for everyone and waxing might not be it for you and that’s fine however I do ask the question “What have you done for yourself lately?”



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