Your first steps to feeling confident and beautiful:

Self-care…that word can emit so many different emotions for women.

Let’s start with the Mom’s who are ON 24/7, making the appointments for everyone’s bumps, bruises and dental cleanings. Then she hops in the car to grab another child from soccer practice and maybe, just maybe after she has made sure the house is clean AND the dog is fed, AND everyone has food in their stomach, she might have 5 minute to maker a Pinterest board full of all the things she will get to someday. I hear things all the time like “ I just don’t have time and my kids come first”

Let’s visit the twenty-something who is finishing college, anxious about paying back student loans and is so ready to #hustle be a #girlboss that the last thing on the list is to do something relaxing because relaxing has no rewards. WRONG.

To all my ladies running six ways at the same time and feeling depleted, strung out and just not awesome… take the first step by writing it down in your calendar:

Schedule one thing this week for myself. <Great, you did it!> now you have to schedule the appointment or make the plan. If you need some ideas I have a TON because frankly sometimes we just don’t know what we LOVE anymore.

Confidence, beauty and power start here….

Send me a message if you completed this task in the next few weeks and I’d love to hear your experience. If you need a few simple suggestions on where to start then make an appointment with me (802-989-9122) I love girl time and I have a few tricks at Honey that can get you started in the self care department.



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