Waxing Room in Middlebury, VT

Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

Even the thought of waxing for many is a flat out “no”. So why would you want to consider coming to Honey and letting me use hot wax to remove your body hair?

My favorite type of customer is the woman who’s ready to step out of her comfort zone. There’s a lot more than just grooming happening here when this decision is made. For some they are considering just doing something different and I’ve had Grandma’s in their 60’s doing this for the very first time and the stories behind why they’re doing it I’ll save for another time. The next client wants to do it for their partner and change things up a bit. Another client might be the Mom who did it during her college days and took a break during the toddler chasing years and is now back in the ring of self care. My other common client is doing it because it’s what their peers are up to and it’s a cultural thing for them. Whatever reason you decide to come into Honey, know that you are in the most experienced hands you’ll find in Middlebury VT regarding body waxing with a history of almost 10 years in the esthetic industry, I’ve seen many things and come across women’s concerns, fears and then finally get to see them on their return appointments where they ask them-self why they’ve waited so long. You’ll likely see a reduction in ingrown hairs, razor burn, hair growth and an increase in confidence in many areas whether it’s sitting on the beach or in the bedroom.

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